About This Site

easyfloridagardening.com is the official Florida gardening blog of author David The Good. It’s all about growing the most food in the Sunshine State for the least amount of work. If you want to know how to garden and feed your family no matter what happens, this site is for you.

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Who Is David The Good?

David is the author of many books, a radio producer, painter, garden writer, musician, naturalist, teacher, and mad scientist with almost 30 years of gardening experience. Some of those things he’s even good at.

David is a devout Christian who attends a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church.

Confession: David is not a complete organic purist, though he refrains from pesticide use (with the exception of Amdro for fire ants) and truly hates RoundUp. Almost all of what he grows is fed with compost and natural fertilizers such as manure, fish emulsion and bone meal – yet he’s been known to get frustrated with slow fruit trees and throw on some 10-10-10 now and again.

In May of 2016 David The Good moved from Florida to the equatorial tropics to experiment with a new range of crops and gardening methods. In 2020, he moved back to the states and now resides in South Alabama, near the Florida border.

Primarily, David The Good’s gardening is based on old-fashioned farming mixed with permaculture and lots of experimentation. He loves strange and exotic perennial crops, reads voraciously, uses lots of Latin and spend lots of time wandering through the wilderness looking for interesting plants and animals he can document and share with you.

Providing healthy food for his wife and children is a major focus of David’s gardening efforts… and if you follow along, you’ll learn to feed yourself as well.

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Now is the time to start gardening – let’s grow tons of food together!