Carving Out a Florida Food Forest From the Palmettos: Possible?

I recently received a quite interesting question in my inbox relating to pine scrub food and Florida food forest planning: David, I recently found your books, bought and read the (ones) for Florida, and have handed them off to my home school children to get them started! We were blessed and got a great deal READ MORE

North Florida Coffee

I’ve written on growing coffee in North Florida before, and on my survival plant profile for coffee, Kakunka relates his own experience in the same area: I’m not the guy you met at Kanapaha, but I do live in the area, I’ve been growing coffee and tea here for a number of years. . . READ MORE

Florida Edible Wild Mushrooms

Seven years ago now I was on a serious mushroom-hunting kick and I posted my video on Florida edible wild mushrooms: August and September are good times to go hunting for mushrooms. And don’t forget to bring along some good mushroom hunting guides. I spent a lot of time reading and researching before I ate READ MORE

Growing Pigeon Peas in North Florida

Deborah recently commented on my pigeon pea survival profile page about her success in growing pigeon peas in North Florida: “I planted pigeon peas here in N. Florida (Gainesville) a few years ago. We had a mild winter that year, and both of them thrived and came back strong in the spring. They bloomed in READ MORE

Growing Coffee in Florida USDA Zone 9!

Growing coffee in Florida has always been considered a stretch. I managed it against a south-facing wall a little south of Gainesville, though only a single plant. I just got a comment from Alison Golwick sharing her success near Tampa, on this post from two years ago: “I am growing arabica coffee plants in Brandon READ MORE

Growing Seasons in Florida

What are the growing seasons in Florida? A transplanted Yankee writes: “We have purchased a house in central Florida,  and I was hoping you could give me a quick overview on the seasons in Florida.  I have read your books Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening and Create Your Own Florida Food Forest and am planning on READ MORE